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this love is difficult. . .

. . . but it's real <3

you just might make me b e l i e v e <3
1 August 1987
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Sometimes.. you just have to
jump off a bridge & hope you
learn to fly on the way down.

My name's Nicole but everyone usually calls me Nikki, Nik, or Denk. I am 21 years young but very out going and mature for my age. I've been told that I am "wise beyond my years" whatever that's supposed to mean :P "I have a wonderful boyfriend named Josh, who is the absolute statue of what a man should be." When I last used facebook was in 2006 when I was dating Josh. Sadly, Josh passed away 8/31/2008 from brain cancer. I was with him every step of the way and miss him very much. I have started my life over with a guy named Dave who is very talented and cool. I am very wild and creative but I maintain my seriousness on occasion. I have a strong family, an amazing career, and good friends that I would never trade for anything. I use to lose track of the friends I had but then I stepped back and took a look and realized; my true friends I can count on just one hand. They know exactly who they are! I have too many tattoos and piercings. I am different but people love me ;] I hate drama, stay away from me if that's all you're about. . . oh and by the way; I only add people that I know, so if I don't know you, DON'T ADD ME :] Hope that was said sweetly :]


The Notebook is wonderful love.